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Real Estate

We specialise in real estate investment and we help people achieve better financial outcomes.

Real Estate

The company manages its assets as well as others’ assets in exchange for management fees. It is evident from the company’s financial position that assets value hiked gradually in the last few years due to purchasing new properties and transferring some assets proprietorship from the Chairman of the Board of Directors or Board Members to Nahaz Investment for the sake of investing them during the coming period.

Due to the company’s eagerness to improve this sector it carries out field studies on a regular basis to analyze sale and rent prices of similar properties in order to update rents and orientations according to these studies. The following part contains some data about properties owned by the company.


  • Administrative Offices
  • Mixed-Use Projects
  • Industrial Complexes & Warehouses
  • Residential Complexes


  • Hotels
  • Sizeable land bank for future development
  • Labor Housing
  • Commercial Malls



Nahaz Investment is one of the leading enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specializing in the field of real estate investment. Our diverse product portfolio includes a number of properties and projects throughout the Kingdom (Riyadh, Al Kharj, Al Khobar, Al Ihsaa, Dammam, Makkah, Jeddah, Abha, and others)

Real Estate Projects

Commercial & Residential
Commercial & Residential
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